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"ADVENT" time of Hope

4 december 2017

 "ADVENT" time of Hope


Always the same routine, every year: the time runs, the months pass quickly and the month of December arrives.



With him, the AVENT, the privileged liturgical period - the annual journey, always old and new that takes us to the manger, to Jesus.

Everything in life is ephemeral, everything ages, expires and dies. But remains the memory of Bethlehem, this atmosphere of tenderness, peace, simplicity, love. And a lot of hope too.
Because Advent is a time of hope, of waiting, which is part of life: to live is to wait. To wait is to live.

We are pilgrims of hope on the paths of finite time, towards the eternal.
And at the crossroads of life, hope is the soul of our projects, the secret motive of our efforts.

Walkers, sometimes through dark roads, let's live this Advent in HOPE.
Let's prepare the heart to live the great mystery: a child was born in Bethlehem that night resplendent and joyous.
A great Light has illuminated the footsteps of humanity, for this Child, in the night, inaugurated the era of the new heavens and the new earth - the primacy of Love, the Good News of Hope.

The Father is revealed in the Son, Jesus. A God of glory and majesty has become very small, has come closer to our degraded humanity.

"God - with us", today, tomorrow and always, shows us the true meaning of life, the path of endless happiness.

Let's continue the path with Him and to Him, living in hope, building and spreading Peace and Good.

Sr. Conceição Vaz

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