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Dear Sara

12 february 2018



Beautiful Testimony!
Three years among migrants.
In Sicily


To all of you that read our website, we have the joy of bringing to your attention the ’Beautiful Testimony’ received from one of our Ethiopian sisters, namely, Sara, her registered name is Ayelech. This Testimony was given by Sr. Elisabetta a member of the Executive Committee of UISSG Union of Major Superiors on Sr Sara Ayelech’s departure from the project in Sicily to join our sisters in the USA


Rome January 12, 2018

Dear Sara,


First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the commitment you have had with us over the last two years .... For the courage and simplicity in the relationships that immediately made you be loved and appreciated by everyone in Ramacca ...


Your presence was a beautiful testimony, carried with courage despite the difficulties you have experienced .... And that you brought without ever complaining!
Know that you have been precious, inside and outside the community. We all love you and we will always love you, even if you are no longer with us. Your smile, the coffee ceremony, your availability, have left in my heart a very beautiful memory. Thank you!


We will miss you so much, and most of all, you will be missed by many of your migrant friends whom you loved and respected and whom you have supported above all in the hospital with a lot of love and dedication.


Sara, I'm so sorry that you leave before the expiration of the three years ... maybe I was counting on you so much, now that the doors are opened... and the hospital too ... but the Lord knows ... what He asks you and asks us, and He will provide!


I wish you that the Lord gives you a hundredfold what you gave us, to the migrant friends, to the Sicilian friends ... And it helps you to be part of the new mission that your Institute entrusts to you.
Do you already know where you will go and what you will do? Will you be in Ethiopia or elsewhere?


I am very sad that you have left, and I am sad that I can not come and greet you, I would have done it willingly, but at the moment the work in the office is a lot and my health is a little weak.


I embrace you wholeheartedly, may the Lord bless you and protect you in your new mission. I continue to bring you in my heart and in prayer.




Are we challenged by this beautiful testimony of our sister Sara? Are you inspired by Sr Sara Ayelech’s Testimony to work among migrants in Sicily? Are you available to work among migrants?

The religious life pursues new paths, peripheral paths, as Pope Francis tells us! Young people do not be afraid to dedicate your life entirely to the Lord in the service of our frail brothers in every way. Life makes sense when it gives itself! Blessed!


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