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Information of Our Family – F.M.O.L.

15 march 2018



Even if 2018 has already a few weeks, we want, first of all, to thank you wholeheartedly for the feast greetings you sent us. We perceive your affection, your fraternal communion, the assurance of your prayer and your concern to live your commitment, whatever it is, wherever you are. May the Spirit of the Lord fertilize your wishes and make them concrete in the daily life of our lives!

We are a great family, gathered in the name of Jesus Christ, and we need your support to fulfill our daily mission in the service of the Institute, the Church and the world to which we are sent. THANK YOU to each of you, dear Sisters.

The Visits to Regions, Assemblies and meetings in 2017, took place as planned. We thank you each for the welcome you have given us, the exchanges, sharing lived in trust and mutual listening. May these privileged times strengthen our fraternal bonds, and help us to make visible our charism of union and communion.

In a few months, we will live our General Chapter, to whom «it is the role to see to the realization of the mission of the Institute in the Church, and to the ongoing renewal of its way of life and of its apostolic activity. Through the Chapter, the Spirit who gathers us together grants us to experience and to celebrate our unity and communion» (Constitutions 92 § 1). We prepare it, through our prayer, our life, the offering of all that we are. Thank you, my Sisters for that and also for your collaboration in the answers you bring to the work proposed by the General Council. The Preparatory Committee has just been actively working with us for a week and we thank each of our participating Sisters, as well as their Regional Minister and the Sisters of their Fraternity. Are not we all «the members of the same Body who help and animate each other»? So... may this reality continues to manifest itself in a dynamism always renewed!






During this year 2017, we undertook the renovation of the buildings at 31 and 35 Rue Dombasle.
By the 13th May 2017, the house at the number 35 was almost completely renovated. We took up residence at number 35 while the very important renovation work began at number 31. While this work was being carried out at number 31 we had our meals at the International House as the kitchen at number 35 was not yet fully installed.
Two months later, we finally moved to number 35 and organized our lives in our new surroundings.

In June 27, a concert was held at the Church of Our Lady of Salette by the class of CE2 of Florence de Pommerol. This year, the profit was for the mission of Djibouti.

On October 7, Sister Marie Camille celebrated 75 years of religious life. The celebration was simple, celebrated by Father Pierre, Vietnam. Her family, especially her nephews and nieces, came. Sister Yvette, Sister Marie-Agnès Aubry, and Sister Emilienne, represented the Region of France were able to participate. This meeting was very fraternal and we gave thanks for our sister who was always present at the current events.


On October 1st and November 5th, we welcomed groups of Americans from our North American Hospitals who went on a pilgrimage to Assisi.

During this year, Sara returned to Brazil, her home Region. We then welcomed Agnes from Ethiopia, and Juliette from Madagascar. With this diversity of nationalities, we try to live and benefit from the riches of a "multicultural" fraternity.

The year is ending and soon we will find the house at number 31 completely transformed, embellished and comfortable. When you come, you will be very welcome!



On World AIDS Day, we paused to honor those who have been touched by this disease and the individuals who love and care for them. Sr. Brendan Mary Ronayne led the way with her tremendous vision and compassion and we honor her legacy each year on December 1st. The Sr. Brendan Mary Ronayne Award has been established and will be presented each year on December 1st to recognize a team member who cares for our most vulnerable populations.


In an effort to bring awareness to vocations in our community, we will be attending Masses across the Diocese. St Jean Vianney Catholic Church was our first visit. Father Tom Ranzino introduced us after the homily. We were invited to speak about our congregation and were available after Mass to give out information and to meet with anyone interested in learning more about life as a Franciscan Sister.



We, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Sisters, heard about The Kindness Rocks Project that has been spreading around the world and wanted to get it started in the Baton Rouge community. Baton Rouge Kindness Rocks is a simple and easy community challenge. With the recent local and national news, we feel our community is in need of messages of peace, prayer, love and encouragement. The Kindness Rocks project fits well with our mission and with the spirit of St. Francis our patron saint. We all want to be a spiritual presence for our community and this grassroots project gives us all a way. 



Our guest speaker, Fr. Albert Haase, OFM was very inspiring at our North American Province Retreat in October. “God is closer to us than we ever felt or imagined. He is always speaking to us in the ordinary events. It is in the mundane that we find the marvelous.” –Fr. Albert Haase. We invited our Lay Franciscan Brothers and Sisters to join us.





The Region of Argentina lived with joy the visit of our Sister Maria Helena, canonical visit, which was the passage of the Spirit, which always renews us, brings us new airs and it leads us to go always further. So we have lived this visit.
This brief passage of our Sr. Maria Helena was also a renewal for all those who work and share the mission with us: the young people, the teachers, the parish communities where we are present.


The visit has been concluded with a two-day meeting, with the slogan: «New wine in new wineskin» We lived a liturgy rich in signs that invited us to a renewal of our life and that illuminated the meeting, where we concluded our regional project and our Regional Statutes in the light of our renewed Constitutions.
For all this we give thanks to God who always invites us to move forward with the confidence that HE comes and is with us.

Our Region also lived the Easter of our dear Sister Maria Martha. It was one of those events that are not expected, because Sister Death has no programme and so surprised us again this time.
Sister Maria Martha was a simple woman, always cheerful, at the service of the sisters and always attentive, despite her advanced age. She had a great Marian spirituality and a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We could say that she never stopped being in love with her Lord.
And just as she lived, so she departed, in the generous surrender of her life, and placing herself in the hands of the Father. Thanks for your life delivered.

The life of the region were very rich and fruitful in this year that that has already ended. Both in the parish missions, as in the two schools, in the work with the teachers, parents, children and adolescents.
The missionary groups, the work with the Franciscan family that prepares for this year a National Congress has brought a great renewal and enthusiasm in the living of the charism of Francis of Assisi.



The embrace of the «leper» in the brothers who are recovering from various vices, has also been to renew our love and dedication to Jesus crucified today.
So, with this song, composed of chords, sharps and flats, we can continue to announce to the world: «LOVE is not loved. »

BRASIL: Region Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida

The sisters from the Region of Our Lady Aparecida in the month of June 2017, held in the House of Meeting São José a popular festive journey, with a charity lottery and a lottery basket for the Pastoral of the Vocations of the Popular Missions of the Region of Brazil. The event was organized by a group of Sisters, together with the Youth of the community, close friends and benefactors. It was a moment of great entertainment, joy and conviviality with the people of Itabaiana, Rio das Pedras and neighbor communities.


Regional Assembly:


House of Meeting São José | Village of Rio das Pedras, November 10 to 12, 2017.
With great hope and enthusiasm we arrived at the Fraternity of St. Joseph to hold our Assembly, a fraternal meeting of union and communion with Sr. Maria Helena Moreira, our sisters from the Region and Brother Jean OFM, spiritual assistant.
We began our activities with the Morning Prayer. This was followed by the opening of the assembly by Sr. Maria Helena, greeting the sisters and wishing the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. She invited the sisters to enter into the dynamics of the proposed theme. "Spirit of Courtesy and Cordiality demonstrating the Tenderness and Courage of Our Lady", which referred to the celebration of the 300 years of the discovering of the image of Our Lady of the Conception Aparecida in the river. Friar Jean presented the theme emphasizing its close connection with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and with our Franciscan life. He also invited us to turn our attention to the subject under the light of the Human Sciences, relating Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Ethics and Faith, in an attitude of listening: as an apprentice disciple we were invited to try to enter into this dynamic. The Regional Statutes were approved and on Sunday morning, the New Regional Council was appointed. The activities of the assembly were crowned with the Eucharistic celebration.
50 Years Jubilee


On July 19, 1967, some Sisters of the Congregation of the FMOL came to the city of São Cristóvão, in the parish of Our Lady of Victory, for their new mission: the implantation of the novitiate in the convent of St. Francis and catechesis. To celebrate the Golden Jubilee, that is, 50 years of Missionary presence of the FMOL, several celebrations were made by the local church and institutions where the FMOL carried out some missions. The culminating point was the Holy Mass in Thanksgiving, held on July 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the chapel of the convent of St. Francis. For the people of São Cristóvão to have their sisters in their midst is always a source of joy and gratitude, for since 50 years they sow the message of the Gospel and the Charism of St. Francis of Assisi.

Haiti - On the occasion of the 300 years of the image of Our Lady of Conception Aparecida, the Franciscan friars had the idea of inviting “Aparecida TV” to come and make a documentary about the mission of the Brazilians in Haitian lands. They brought the replica of the image of Our Lady, who went through all the fraternities of the Brazilian missionaries. The visit in our house was a blessing; we welcome Our Lady with much devotion and prayer. Some people came to pray with us.
The image of our Lady Aparecida continues as a pilgrim in fraternities.





Before sharing with you some news of our CONVENT OF THE NATIVITY Mission, we would like to present to you our Best Wishes of Happy New Year 2018: that it brings us PEACE, JOY, happiness and especially HEALTH of the body and the spirit.
We are five Sisters of four nationalities: Irish, Portuguese, Ethiopian and Malagasy. The Fraternity will celebrate 130th anniversary of presence at DJIBOUTI. Indeed, we are in this corner of Africa since 1888. It is God who guides our steps and strengthens us. He is faithful and benevolent. Isaiah experienced this goodness of God by confirming that «those who put their hope in the Lord find new strength» Is. 40, 31. Therefore in the Faith we try to be artisans of unity and communion where we work either at the school of the Nativity or at the CARITAS or simply by carrying in prayer the Sisters working in the field...



Owned by the FMOL Sisters, two of our sisters still work there. The theme that the pastoral team has chosen for 2017/2018 is "Benevolence". Everyone (Staff, Students and Parents) tries to live it. Teachers with their respective students seek to make this theme more visible…



World Missionary Childhood Day: Monday, November 20, 2017.
On this occasion our students, educated to be attentive to the most disadvantaged children, concretized their solidarity with the poor children by a small gesture. Knowing their luck (go to school, have a toy, eat as much as they want... especially have a family) each of them deposited a donation (school supplies or non-perishable food) before leaving the school.

CARITAS 2017: Sister Prazeres still works at Caritas despite her age.
Our ‘baby’ Joseph Abdirahman is 17 years old.

Dear Sisters, here is a glimpse of our Mission in the Horn of Africa, «a treasure in a clay vase» that we must care and keep preciously «God willing»...

ETHIOPIA: Region Our Lady of Kidane Meheret

The great event of the year 2017 was the experience of the canonical visit from May 6 to June 28 followed by the Regional assembly which was held on June 29 to July 2nd, 2017 where by the new Regional administration team was nominated.


These were the moments where Sister Maria Helena accompanied by Sr Getu Francis have shared in depth the community life, the prayer life and have visited the divers apostolic activates of the twelve communities of the region.
The other great moment for the region was the working towards preparing the written text of the Kidane Meheret - Ethiopia Regional Statues based on the General Constitutions and General statutes. This work was done in several phases.
In the 1st phase the team drafted the Regional Statue, which passed through the consultation of the communities, finally after receiving professional guidance the text was then presented for the voting in the Regional assembly. It was a holy moment, whereby in the presence of the Holy Spirit we reviewed our life together and determined to live according to the guidance of the documents.
Since September 2017, starting the community annual planning, the different stages of ongoing formation session took place with the local ministers, the Juniors, and all the sisters in the region gathered together at different dates to get to know on how to be guided by the approved Regional Statutes.
Finally on December 8th 2017 all the sister of the Region in a real family spirit gathered in a most festive sprit to welcome the Regional Status Approved by the General Minister.



Apostolic Services
We have been giving apostolic services over 50 years. In August 2017 we have celebrated the 25 years of Saint Francis Catholic Health Center medical services provided by our sisters down the years. The Health center works in agreement for every five years with the regional governmental offices.


FRANCE : Region of Our Lady of the Alliance

One year has passed since the last shared news: year of work, reflection, meetings, joys and sorrows, prayer.
- Throughout the year, having deepening our Constitutions in groups of geographically close fraternities, we also reviewed our Regional Statutes with a view to a new text in accordance with our current Constitutions.
- Three days of continuous formation gathered the Sisters of the Region: the first in Arras on 21 January with the theme "The blessing" was animated by Brother Nicolas Capelle (of the Christian Schools) former President of the ARIÑO. The second, in May 6, helped us to know better Madagascar with a DVD titled "The big Island" and a sharing with our Malagasies sisters in Conference with us. The ast formation this year 2017 on "Sacraments" took place on 25 November at Caffiers to allow our elderly sisters to participate.
- On March 25, many sisters met in Lens for the Region's feast. Lens was chosen because of the Celebration of the 800th anniversary of the arrival of the first Franciscans Friars in France, and particularly Brother Pacifique, who visited Lens.
- The prayer for vocations has been intensified in some places, especially in St Pol-sur-Ternoise where the Consecrated people of the Ternois organized a walk for vocations to Lens where the icon of the mercy of Sr. Faustine went from family to family for a few months, gathering Christians to pray for vocations.
- From 19th to 25th July our Regional Assembly took place during which we worked on Statutes, decided some orientations for the next four years and welcomed the nomination of a new Regional Council by Sr. Maria Helena.
- At the end of July, still in the 800 years of the arrival of the Franciscans in France, some sisters participated in an ecumenical meeting in Vézelay. A hundred people were gathered including Germans and Finns who celebrated the 500 of the Reformation.
- In the year 2017, two Malagasie Sisters, Sr Emma and Sr Annie, return in Madagascar after some years spent in France.
- Finally, while the time of Advent was announced, Sr. Marie-Agnes Bossaert flew to Rome accompanied by Sr. Marie-Agnes Aubry in order to participate in the Congress preparing the synod on youth and bringing together the leaders of the Vocational Ministry at the international level. They had the pleasure of meeting Sr. Ana Paula and Sr. Carla from Portugal as well as Sr. Constancia from Mozambique.


IRELAND: community of special statut our Lady of Knock



There was adoration and Mass throughout the month with both community and private groups. Holy Hour for the public in the Franciscan Tradition was held every Friday throughout the year beginning this month.

23rd March - the community were devastated by the death of Sr. Colette. Over the next few days were spent with her removal and burial which was attended by many of her friends.


Sr. Maria Helena arrived on the 15th for a visit and this was greatly appreciated by the community. Her visit was inspiring and informative. Visit from ex-member of the congregation was also appreciated.

On the 23rd all the sisters decided to spend a day together and do something completely different and, so we went Paintballing. A very happy and wonderful day was had by all.

5th September Sr. Adanech began her study in Maynooth with the Divine word school of English
Sr. Getu arrived with Sr. Abebech the new Local Minister for Mullingar community.



4th October the Feast of St. Francis and the community after spending the previous day in solitude together and fasting had a wonderful Mass celebrated by Fr. Denis a Mill Hill Missionary Father.


Sisters attended many masses this month in remembrance of those who had passed during the year in our case specifically Sr. Colette.
Continued groups both private and public attending the house for adoration, exploration of scripture, and other programmes.
On the 23rd Sr. Getu, returned to Paris.



8th December a wonderful Mass with renewal of vows was witnessed by local lay people and was a wonderfully graced time. At the same time the mass was a Christmas celebration with the associate members.


Our mission to Macao - 2016/2017


First of all, we have tried to be "witnesses of unity and communion" in the presence of everyone with whom we relate to.

We animate the Liturgy Eucharist in the Parishes of the Cathedral (Macao) and Our Lady of Carmo (Taipa) on Saturdays and Sundays, readers, psalmists and acolytes for their services;
We teach catechesis, and also prepare for the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation and Marriage;

At the end of the year, we concluded our catechesis with an exhibition of drawings, including the celebrations of the centenary of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima, made by the adolescents who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next year. Themselves explained their work to all those who were present;

We continued to accompany the youth group, attended monthly by a priest. These young people were seriously interested in their integral formation and the deep discovery of Jesus Christ. Although scattered at the end of the year, due to their studies, we hope that the seed thrown into their hearts, took root, so that their lives testify that it is worth to follow and fulfill the doctrine of Jesus.

Monthly, we visit, a home for the elderly, in Macao, where we also animate the Eucharist. The elderly are always very happy when we go there and, even if they are not Catholics, they admire and respect us, even asking us to bless them.

Every fifteen days we visit some aged ladies in their homes, bringing them Jesus Eucharist and some spiritual comfort with our friendly word; Weekly we visit the sick in the Hospital.
We regularly prepare a group called: Coro Peace and Good, contributing to a greater participation and experience of the Eucharist, especially in the most solemn moments, in the two most frequented places by our Portuguese brothers: Cathedral and Parish of Our Lady of Carmel, where we live.

We accompany a group of children at the Macau Portuguese School, highlighting the value of education for the Values.
To those who ask us, we also teach the Portuguese language.
We prepare people, even children, to sing the responsorial psalm in the Eucharist.



We are happy to share with you our news of 2017.

On February 11, we inaugurated our new house in Betongolo. We thank the benefactors who helped us to make this good project, and we pray for them.

In May 2017, we closed the 25-year jubilee of our Saint Francis of Assisi school in Bemaneviky. It was a year of grace especially for the children and young people of this school, because the same day, they received the sacrament of confirmation by the Bishop of the Diocese of Ambanja, Monsignor Rosario VELLA.

In July 2017, Sisters Suzanne and Zozea, went to France to attend the Regional Assembly of the Region of France. It was a new experience of fraternal exchanges for the project of conference between the region of Madagascar and that of France.
We welcomed our sister Marie Agnès DELEEST at the end of July until the beginning of August 2017. She gave our young sisters a formation on the Franciscan Spirit. Our juniors knew how to take advantage of her passage to learn more about the heritage that our Father Saint François left us.
At the end of July, we were very happy to welcome our sister Annie who has just finished a formation in France. We thank our sisters in the region of France for what they did for her. In October, our sister Emma came back after spending two years in France. We thank her for this mission accomplished.

On October 7th we had the joy of welcoming Rita and Fleur to begin their postulancy. Currently we have 7 postulants. We pray for them and ask the Lord for perseverance in their vocation.

Our sister Juliette has just left to a mission in France on December 15, 2017. We accompany her with our prayers.
We are very happy for the return of Sister Bernard Marie among us, after a stay of six months in France for care.

Our new mission in Beandrarezona is in good shape. Currently, our sisters frequently have the Eucharist. The number of their students increased by 50%. The new house will be inaugurated in a few months by our bishop Rosario VELLA.

With all the Church of Madagascar we are in joy because of Mr. Lucien BOTOVASOA, a Lay of the Third Order Franciscan, Father of family and teacher of the Catholic school, martyr of the faith in 1947. The Holy See announced his Beatification in May 2017; he will be beatified on April 15, 2018.


Sharing events in the year 2017

"Charity is the fullness of the law" (Romans 13:10)


This was the motto chosen and worked during the year 2017. We try to reflect at the personal, community and regional level the meaning of this phrase and our missionary commitment. At various times it was an occasion for conversation and mutual help. In August with the feast of St. Clare of Assisi we had our general meeting in Marera - Chimoio. The largest number of Sisters in the Region were present. It was one of the moments in which we feel that this message leads us to a deeper commitment of our being consecrated by the vows to the Lord who calls us continuously.


In December we had the joy of celebrating the feast of Our Mother the Immaculate Conception where we renewed our Profession and the Consecration to Our Lady. On the same day we received our Regional Statutes worked and approved. We still feel the strong union of our renewed Congregation and we also feel animated by the same spirit with the prayer of our next General Chapter in 2018. Our three novices ended the same day their canonical year. Now they pass to another step of experience in the different fraternities.

In January 2018, while still in the spirit of Christmas and New Year, our Novitiate received, with joy on the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, Sr. Serafina and our seven postulants - two Angolan and five Mozambican - in preparation for the novitiate. They are all enthusiastic and committed to the preparation. Praise God for our charism and the gifts received by His grace.

Fraternal greetings of Peace and Good to all our Sisters.
We thank you, Lord.


January 2017
Day 28 - Renewal of votes (Angola)
Sister Filomena Rosa Manteiga renewed her profession in the fraternity of Viana.

February 2017
Day 18 - Temporary Profession (Angola)
Sr. Conceição Chikomba Rodrigues, a native of Viana - Luanda, made her first profession in the presence of the Regional Minister.
Day 26 - Perpetual Profession (Angola)
Sister Filomena Chilei Maliti, a native of Kuanza Sul, made the Perpetual Profession in her native land.
We all rejoice in the Lord for this first Angolan Sister who gave herself definitively to the Lord in the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady.

Day 19 - Beginning of the Postulancy (Angola)
The Aspirant Benilde André Lopes, a native of Kuanza Sul - Angola, began her postulancy stage on March 19th.

April 2017
I Regional Assembly of Our Lady of the Conception.
From the 6th to the 9th of April, the first Regional Assembly was held in Portugal under the theme: "Whom do I serve: the Lord or the servant?" Among other matters of interest to the Region, we highlight the elaboration and approval of Regional Statutes and the appointment of the Regional Council:
Maria Ludovina Martins Ferraz - Regional Minister, Sr. Maria Alcina Alpande - Regional Assistant, the Sisters: Ana Paula da Conceição, Maria Goreti Pereira and Maria de Jesus Montenegro - Regional Councilors.

Day 22 - 12th Meeting of the Friends of the Servant of God Sr. Maria Rita de Jesus

The meeting began in the morning, with a concentration, in the Cemetery of Agramonte, near the grave of our Sister Maria Rita de Jesus. While praying the crown of Our Lady, it was possible to enter the grave in groups. This is a very special place that transmits, in silence, an inexplicable peace. There we thanked the graces obtained and asked for aid to the Reizinho (Little King) of Sister Rita. After the celebration in Agramonte, the people who were present went to Quinta da Azenha, (Gondomar) where the Eucharist took place. Lunch was shared in joyful conviviality. In the afternoon Dr. Victor Teixeira gave a lecture on the heroic virtues of Sister Rita de Jesus.
May 29, anniversary of the death of Sister Maria Rita de Jesus
We received the news that the text of the "Positio" was approved in Rome, which will be submitted for analysis of the practice of virtues to a heroic degree. When this will be recognized, the Servant of God Maria Rita de Jesus will be declared Venerable.

Day 1 - Golden Wedding Jubilee
- We had the joy of celebrating the 50 years of religious life of the Sisters: Maria dos Anjos Marques Pereira, Alzira Forte Meneses, Emília de Jesus Silva and Rosa Maria Monteiro, at Quinta da Azenha - Gondomar. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Bishop Gilberto Canavarro.
From 6-12 - Giofrater's Camp 42 young Giofrater were camping at Quinta da Casa Velha in Ourém, with the theme: 'One step more'. It was a week lived in the spirit of Francis, where there were many activities, entertainments, prayer and moments of encounter with oneself, with others and with God!
From 18 to 20 - Meeting of Local Ministers
The meeting had as theme: "New Wine in New Wineskins". This was the document reflected with the Local Ministers and adapted to the life and mission of the Local Minister. The two central questions were:
. What keeps us from being new wineskins?
. Do we accept the novelty of new wine in the Community, in the Region and in the Congregation?

September 2017
Day 4 - Meeting "AWAKE"

The FMOL Family Meeting was held at the Externato de Santa Margarida, with the presence of our collaborators and missionaries from the “Centro de Bem-Estar”, Colégio de Lourdes, Luso-French College, Santa Maria Superior School of Health, Externato de Santa Margarida, Hospital of Santa Maria, Association of Support to the Social Works of the FMOL and some elements of the Giofrater Youth Movement. It was a meeting of sharing each reality and culminated in a prayer concert led by Claudine Pinheiro.

October 2017
From 27 to 29 - Permanent Formation Meeting

Fifty Sisters from various fraternities of the Region were present at Quinta da Azenha - Gondomar, to reflect and deepen the Fundamental Constitution of life of the FMOL and the new Statutes of the Region. In this meeting, they were distributed to each community.

Days 18 and 19 - 1st Meeting of Permanent Formation for the Sisters with limitation of displacement.

It took place in the fraternity of Camarate, where were present about 18 Sisters. It was a very positive time; the Sisters expressed their interest and thanked this initiative.
Days 26 and 27 - Celebration of the 50th anniversary of our presence in Camarate
This celebration began on the 26th at night with an Hour of Adoration and Thanksgiving in the Fraternity. On the 27th, a Mass of Thanksgiving for the presence of the FMOL, which ended with a small procession to Our Lady of Grace, patroness of this Work, where everyone sang the 50 year old hymn.
From 01 to 30 - Visit to the Community of East Timor
Sister Ludovina Ferraz, Regional Minister, visited our Sisters of the Community of Timor, addressing various issues related to the community and the mission that the Sisters carry out there. A land was chosen in Laleia - Baucau, which will be donated by the East Timorese Government, to build our community, facilities for the Youth assigned (currently we have one Aspirant), Kindergarten, ATL (free time activities) and Nursing Centre.

December 15
Closing of the fraternity of Germany.

Our community in Germany, at the service of Emigrants and the mission of Pastoral, after 40 years of permanence, ended on 15 December last. We give thanks to God for the mission accomplished in the Diocese of Cologne and for all the Sisters who were part of this community. Without a doubt, these Sisters, wherever they passed, left seeds whose fruits will be harvested by others.


Together, let us give thanks to the Lord, for the life of each of our Regions, Fraternities, and each of our Sisters throughout the world. Let us pray for each other, in the spirit of union and communion that we incarnate that spirit where we are missioned. Praise the Lord for the diversity and complementarity of His gifts in our Institut.

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