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Merry Christmas !

21 december 2017



« Glory to God,
Peace to men,
Joy of heaven on earth! »





This proclamation of the Angels, at the birth of the Emmanuel, more than 2000 years ago, continues to resonate in our world today, in the Church, in our Institute and in each of our lives ! What are we doing ?

It is true that we feel very weak and helpless before all attacks on God, on humanity, on Peace and Joy. However, at Christmas, the Father, through the Spirit sends his Son, a weak little child among the poor to embody this message. He gives us the responsibility of being its witnesses, offering us his Love, his Light and his strength in abundance. May we open our hearts to all that He wants to give us, and so, to be, day after day, artisan of Peace, Unity, Tenderness, Love and Joy!


These are the wishes that we form for each of you, our fraternities, our regions, our entire Institute, our families and all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.



Your sisters of the General Council


Christmas 2017

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