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The prophecy of solidarity

projetsA new culture needs to be instilled, one of a culture of solidarity, of the communion of people and the sharing of property.


"Now is the time for a new vision of charity".
(Starting Afresh from Christ 36)

We rarely talk of solidarity in its original and more profound sense, such as, for example, when we define it as:

"Sharing even that which is necessary for life".
(John Paul II, the Pope of solidarity)

"Days of Friendship" in Paris

For a number of years now, the fraternity of the " Our Lady of Hope" (Notre Dame d'Espérance) General House in Paris, has held weekend events. Volunteers sell items donated and prepared by Sisters from different countries.

Training for young Sisters "For a greater Life"

This project is intended to fund religious and cultural training for young Sisters in Ethiopia.

Project in São Tomé and Príncipe

This project is intended for the entire population.

Project to Nazareth

This project aims at the creation of an artesian well.

The group of Germany Bazaar: SOCIAL SUPPORT- FMOL

Event that took place on the 2nd Sunday of Advent: