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Our lifestyle


Brought together in sisterhood, we preach the Gospel of our Rule of life and answer the call of God, to live in Alliance with Him, through the three vows of obedience, poverty and chastity.


The Lord gives us sisters and the Spirit inspires us to ceaselessly welcome and love. We welcome our differences: the love of Christ that unites us is stronger than that which divides us.

Sisterly love brings us together and becomes the strength that supports us in our mission in the service of the Church and the world.
(Constitutions fmnd)


prièreComing together in communion with GOD who brings us in communion with the Church and the world.

"In all places, at all times and in all weathers, we seek to love…adore… praise… celebrate and thank God the Almighty…Trinity and Unity… Creator…Saviour…"
(Rule and Life)